Name Number Range to Protocol Type Alias Description Link
25 TCP trojan NewApt worm
80 TCP worm Code Red worm
80 TCP worm Nimda
445 TCP worm W32/Slanper.worm
445 TCP worm Sasser Worm
666 TCP worm lpdw0rm shell prompt
1008 TCP worm Lion (1i0n) root shell
1338 TCP trojan Millenium Worm
SQL Server Resolution Service Port 1434 UDP worm SQLexp worm
3127 TCP worm MyDoom.C
3127 TCP worm Novarg a.k.a. Mydoom a.k.a. Worm.SCO.A
5554 TCP worm Sasser Worm
5556 TCP worm Netsky.V (http)
5557 TCP worm Netsky.V (ftp)
6666 TCP trojan NetBus worm
9996 TCP worm Sasser Worm
10008 TCP worm cheese worm (in search of a Lion (1i0n) root shell)
10008 TCP worm Lion (1i0n) root shell
11768 TCP worm Dipnet
12345 TCP trojan NetBus worm

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Please note: Some people seem to misunderstand the purpose of this site. ports is not a port scanner, ports will not test your host for vulnerabilities. ports is a simple database that contains known port assignments. Don't ask me whether your machine is infected by trojans, as I really don't know.